Friday, August 10, 2012

Witch Jars

I'm kicking up for Halloween (I do this all year, so this isn't that new) and makin' stuff.

Having never made witch jars in the past it was a fun new experience, and I've tried to add my own little touches. Eventually I'm gonna slap 'em up on etsy, but I'm torn-- I wanna keep them for my very own! I love you, witch jars, marry me and bear my little illuminated babies! Wait, I'm a girl. This is going weird places, fast.

So far I've got two jars done-- I need to empty more almost empties in the fridge-- I'm bad at the "lonely pickle crying, alone, in the jar" syndrome.

Here's the first:

There's a very light (HA!) tree motive stamped in the paint as it was drying. The bottom is grubbed with a mix of tea and glitter. It'd probably taste like crap but man would you have pretty teeth after drinking that concoction!

It's lit, but I took a pic with the flash on anyway. It's funny, these are really fun items in person and I love making them, but you show someone a picture and they look at you like you just told them one of your toes was a penis. Again, I'm a girl.

Same jar, in the dark:

Admit it, that looks pretty cool! Again, you can see the tree here, but you have to know what you're looking at first, so it's kinda like pointing at snow and asking someone if they saw that one snow flake.

Jar numbah the second is larger, and I approached that one with different stuff.

Looks like someone needs to scrape the bowl, man. I make a lot of pot references for someone who's never used it.

I used different colors here, and added more glitter. Man I love glitter. I love Halloween, but I REALLY love glittery Halloween. And My Little Ponies. Especially glittery, Halloween ponies. 

To make the collar I used some really crappy linen-type white fabric that I made the mistake of using to make a cape for my nephew 'Leafa's birthday. Crap slid EVERYWHERE. But it also left scraps, was very easy to distress (I told it that with those GRE scores it could kiss grad school goodbye) and even easier to dye. Which is poetic since only a few days before I had wanted to kill it.

I really need a better night time shot, but I know doodly poop about photography.

This jar also got its own detailing, which showed up in photography with better clarity. The cool thing about these is how easy they are to detail and customize, and I have a ton of Halloween stuff that I can use on these. I want to make a bunch to hang in my yard. Possibly year 'round.

It's funny how I'm mildly arachnophobic and yet love spiders as a decor point. I want spiders on me, just not actual arachnids. Hypocrisy or the Beauty of the Human Spirit? A melange of both. 

All in all, these are a lot of fun, and could be turned into a kid-friendly craft pretty easily. I recommend them, and they're a great way to keep some of the accumulation out of your recycle bin. And into your home instead.

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